Commissioned by Egyptian Television, Yallabina was the winner of the "Gold Award" for Best Children's TV Program in the ERTU festival in July 2002. It is a Kid's Club setting where children enjoy learning about art, science, reading, computers, and play games. It is a Club that is targeted at children 5 - 9 years old. Being a "club" setting, the program provided benefits and ID cards as a part of a loyalty program for its viewers. There are future plans for merchandizing and publishing materials for the show.

Having a "club" type setting, Yallabina offered an incentive for people to "join" the club through a loyalty program. Club Members had membership cards that created a feeling of loyalty from the child to the program.

Episodes: 120
Seasons: First season 2002,second season 2003
Aired on Egyptian TV
Directed by: Adel Yahya
Collaborators: Egyptian Television