alkarma edutainment is a fully integrated media service provider, offering expertise in all aspects of the media, from idea conception to content development, production, broadcasting, marketing, community outreach, and merchandizing support. With over 20 years of experience in top-end TV programming and commercial development and production, and extensive know how through global partnership with Sesame Workshop, the leading TV educational content provider for 7+ years, alkarma edutainment has developed from a local service provider to a well-established and highly regarded regional integrated service provider. Through the company's specialized divisions, handling edutainment, entertainment, product/service licensing, the alkarma edutainment team forms a unique mix of talent and skill, reinforced with strategic alliances with major broadcasters and multinational corporations in the Arab world.

In 2002, alkarma edutainment acquired Image Productions, a company with a 12-year history in high quality TV Commercials and documentary productions. The well-experienced Image team is in charge of the alkarma edutainment production department, adding another cornerstone to the company.

alkarma edutainment is continuously striving to keep its leadership in the field of edutainment and is constantly growing both in numbers and its geographical presence. alkarma edutainment Dubai has been operating since September 2003.
A new division was established in alkarma edutainment in 2003 - the alkarma Outreach and Development Division.

Starting with the Alam Simsim Parental Outreach Program which reached over 45,000 mothers in more than 150 Local Communities, the importance of including the Outreach Division was vital in order to close the edutainment model circle. Through training and community development, the alkarma edutainment Outreach Program has benefitted tens of thousands of Egyptian families and individuals in a multitude of different subject areas. Research has shown that people's attitudes and behaviors are positively altered after going through one of the programs conducted by the alkarma edutainment Outreach Division.