Esma3oona is the television component of a larger Child Media Project that started in Egypt in 2006. It is a television program that discusses different child rights. The program is largely created by the children themselves that completed training conducted by the alkarma edutainment Outreach Division in Leadership and Mentoring, Child Rights, Training of Trainers, and Media Training. A total of 72 Youth Leaders were trained on the above topics and spread the message to over 700 other children in their communities.
Esma3oona won the Silver Award - Best TV Program - at the 2009 Cairo International Film Festival for Children as well as the Silver Award from the Ministry of Culture for Best TV Program. It was also selected for the European Broadcasting Union Awards held in Switzerland in 2009.

Episodes: 48 (Season1); 16 (Season 2); 12 (Season 3)
First season 2008,2009,2011
Aired: Egyptian TV Channel 2
Directed by: Andria Zakaria
Collaborators : Plan Egypt, the National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, SIDA, Nokia Foundation, and AUC.