Alam Simsim, the #1 children's program in Egypt is the Egyptian co-production of the world famous 40 year old "Sesame Street" program. It is an edutainment program that is aimed at 2 - 6 year old children and prepares them for school. With the loveable Khokha, Nimnim, and Filfil, as well as a warm human cast, Alam Simsim has become an icon in the life of most Egyptian children and parents alike. This co-production between alkarma edutainment and Sesame Workshop is funded by USAID under a bilateral agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Education. The main educational goals include girl's education, empowerment, and equality, literacy and numeracy, national pride, environmental awareness, and health and hygiene. So far, 350 half-hour episodes have been produced, as well as a very active outreach element to guide the program working in over 20 NGO's. Alam Simsim was also awarded the "Silver Prize" at the World Media Festival in Hamburg in May 2003.

Episodes: 250
10 seasons
Aired: Started 2002 On Egyptian TV
Pan Arab Alam Simsim aired 2005-2006 on Future TV
Directed by: Amr Koura, Adel Yahya, Ahmed Medhat, Hussein Shawkat, Andria Zakariya, Basel Mubarak, Khaled Shabana
Collaborators: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information, Sesame Workshop, USAID, Mobinil, Americana, La Vache Qui Rit, Unilever (Signal),Future TV.