Never having ventured into the horror genre in the Arab World, Abwab el Khof is considered to be the first Arabic horror drama series. The plot revolves around different urban legends and scary stories that are common in the Arabic culture and have long been part of the storytelling heritage in this part of the world, dealing with the afterlife and what happens in the beyond. What makes this project unique is that it focuses on stories that are culturally relevant rather than using plots from Western tales such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

The series has a main storyline that connects all the different sub-stories in a seamless and interesting weave of dramatic plots, intertwining different characters and stories in a most terrifying sequence of events.

Episodes: 15
First Season: coming soon
Stars: Amr Waked.Gameel Rateb.,Riham Ayman,Rania Shahin,Rashwan Tawfik,Raouf Mostafa,Khalil Morsy,,Ayman Mansour
Directed by: Ahmed Khaled